Thursday, December 23, 2010

11 Participate in a school event

Back during parent teacher conferences were being held, there was a signup sheet for helping out with various events throughout the year in the classroom. I signed up to help with the Christmas party.

It turns out, I was the only one that volunteered... So I ended up being the class parent for the day and orchestrated several games and activities for all the children to do.

To be honest, when his teacher called me to confirm that I would be able to help out with things, I almost chickened out and said I wasn't able to get off of work. But, I'm proud to say that I didn't chicken out and did the party for them. I do admit I was scared out of my mind to stand infront of 25 children and expect them to listen to me.

Our activities were to decorate a Christmas tree (one of those foam ones from Michaels) with foam ornaments. It could have been a lot messier if we had added in glue and glitter, but that didn't happen! They seemed to enjoy it and were all very creative!

The second activity was to play Bingo. We played Bingo several times. The first game was a black out (where they have to cover the entire board). We did 4 corners and a game of regular Bingo too.

After those activities, I was able to read them "The Night Before Christmas" by Jan Brett. Nathanial thought it was funny that I said "He turned his head with a jerk."

It was super fun to host his holiday party! I may have to make it a yearly occasion to help out there. :)