Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gift Giving

We're not really big into gifts between the husband, son, and myself. Presents on birthdays and mini-days like Mother's Day & Father's Day are pretty limited between the three of us. We do tend to celebrate with gifts for family outside the three of us though.

Honestly, I prefer it that way. It's very uncomfortable trying to find something in a store just because it's a special day. I think it's more special to find something for someone randomly just because 'it's perfect for them'.

For instance, last month our son turned seven. Knowing that he'd receive a ton of gifts from family & friends, we held back on getting him anything significant. With that in mind... today, while we were out, I saw something that was perfect for him. Something that I know he will enjoy and look forward to doing every day.

Seeing his face light up tonight when he got home and I showed him what we had found for him was priceless. While the thought of the gift totally makes me go 'eek'! I know he will absolutely love watching the ants in his new ant farm create tunnels and live off the plants and food in there.

After spending the day with his grandparents, he also came home with a special gift for each of us. Isn't this lovely? He picked it out for me all by himself. I swear the picture didn't look fuzzy on my phone before I uploaded it.

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